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Monday, May 11, 2009

Bare Books

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I recently found out about a company called Bare Books. They make many blank products like puzzles, calenders, comic books, game boards, stickers and more. You just order them and start creating! It sounds pretty fun, you could do some pretty cool stuff. What I was most interested in was their {chunky bare books}. These are board books - for little kids. Their prices are pretty good:

11" X 8" - $1.70

8.375" X 6" - $1.45

8" X 8" - $1.55

5" X 5" - $1.20

The only thing is that you have to make a minimum purchase of $25. That's a lot of books! But, shipping is a flat rate of $3 (free to a school). So, if you got a group of people together to make these things, it could be a pretty good deal. Their website says pencils, crayons, watercolor markers, paint, and glued text work on their books. So, I think you could put almost anything you wanted on these things. I just worried that I wouldn't be able to glue pictures to them like I planned, but their website shows examples of what people have done, and it looks like they've been able to do picture books just fine. I probably wont make a word book, like I planned, until my son's starting to talk, but thought this was a good idea to save for future reference.

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