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Friday, May 8, 2009

Alphabet Decor

These little lovlies are from {Bibbity's etsy shop}. I think they're so cute! I also really like how they put it inbetween molding. It would look really cute around the ceiling in a child's room. You could really do almost anything inbetween molding and it would look cute - like animals, flowers, places, clothing, sea shells etc. I really like how Bibbity's are individual little tiles or plaques, though. It makes them look real, and less wall-paper-ish. You could make these things yourself! Decorative molding with an artistic touch inbetween. How cute!

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The Viehweg's said...

you should go to Jacey's blog and then to Blake and Ali on her friends list. Ali has found a cute idea for a weather proof blanket for the stroller.

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