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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tooth Fairy Pillows

I thought it would be fun to make one of these for my kids to use someday, instead of using an envelope like I did. I searched online and found this one from {Covetables}. It's cute and given the right fabric, it looks like it would go well in a child's bedroom. It made me think that I could just attach a pocket like that to any pillow, and voila! Tooth Fairy Pillow! That could be a really easy future project.

Or, you could go all out and follow this {Patchwork tutorial} for making these lovelies:

Aren't they cute? I love the little drawstring baggie that they put the tooth in. Adorable.


Jacey said...

what a cute idea- but honestly too much work for me. hopefully by the time i have kids that are loosing teeth i'll find something as cute, but easy.

kamille said...

i love this idea...pillows are so easy to make too, that's what is great about it!

Haylee said...

That is the cutest idea! I am a huge fan of your blog!! Sooo cute! I can't believe what your friend did with the fireplace!! Thanks for posting!!

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