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Friday, April 10, 2009

Lovely Nurseries

Since I just had a baby, I've been really scoping out the nurseries lately. I really wish I would have finished decorating my son's nursery before he came, but that just didn't happen, so it's been a LONG work in progress. I've found some nurseries that are really inspiring in my search for ideas, though, and I wanted to save them on here for future reference.

This lovely room is from Potterybarn Kids. It's cute, but super sophisticated at the same time.

I love how there is molding on that wall around a painted square of pink and the frames inside of it really pop, don't they? Great accent wall!

This lovely room is from {Project Nursery} I love what they did to that wall. It looks awesome. I also like what they put in their shelves to decorate. They did a really good job. I especially like the little suit cases.
Cute little crib.And what a great space saving idea - just put the dresser/changing table in the closet. They don't need all that room for clothes anyway...

This room is from {Serena and Lily} I used to want to do a neutral nursery, and I probably would have been ok with it for our little boy, but I just KNOW I'll want ALL girl when we have one. Isn't it so cute! However, I'd never go this pink...craziness. It IS cute how it's all grown-up-ish, though.

This one from Potterybarn Kids again is one of my favorites!! I love the colors. This room could totally grow up with your little boy without changing much and I really like that idea.

Love that rocking horse and that blue rocking chair, and I really like how they spelled his name vertically. Nice touch.

I LOVE this changing table from Potterybarn. If I had enough room in my baby's room I totally would have gotten something exactly like this. I love the way it looks, especially in that espresso color.

And I totally wish I could find some bear bookends like that. They're so cute!!

I saw this room on {Daisy Pink Cupcake}. Isn't it lovely?? It feels so calming and cool. I absolutely love it! It totally looks vintage. Look at the hot air balloon light. Tan and blue go really well together.

This lovely is from {Rooms You Love}
As I already mentioned, when I have a girl, it will be girly! I just love this room. It's SO cute! I think my favorite parts are the mirror and the chandelier. The mirrors on the dresser are pretty cute, too. The more I look at it, the more I see. I like how this room seems really mature as well, even if it IS a little over the top. :)

This one, from Potterybarn again, is just really nice and neat looking.

I like the bedding, how it's so boyish and I really like the pictures above the crib. Cute idea.

I saw this one on Design Dazzle, and I really just love looking at it. So I put it on here. I don't know if I'd use any of these colors, but I think it is really well done!

Something about the way Potterybarn decorates their rooms gets me almost every time! I really just love the the colors. And that cute scallop on the walls is adorable. LOVE the chandelier.

I saw this room on Alkemie. I love it. I really like neutral rooms. And those teddy bears are so cute!! The chandelier is fun, and I love that canopy over the crib.
Very French. It's pretty cute.

This room is from Serena and Lily's Nursery Style book. If anyone is ever wondering how to make a room work with both a crib and a twin, this is the way to do it! It works so well. But, good luck with getting them to sleep together.
And here's a cute little idea from Potterybarn Kids for a twin nursery. I really like the storks.
And I really hope that if I ever have twins, they are a boy and a girl.

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Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

Okay, I have to tell you that I love this whole blog. I've gotten so many ideas from you. Thanks! I think we have a lot of the same taste too. :)

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