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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kitchen Pick-Me-Up

Layla at {The Lettered Cottage} really enhanced the look of her kitchen by doing this one simple thing.
Her cabinets used to look like this - plain old cabinets. So, first she painted them black. But they were still pretty plain jane, right?
She decided to just build up the tops of them with boards and molding. Like so:

The end result is so awesome! It looks so great! And it wasn't a huge thing that she did. Just a little wood, and a little paint. I love it.
Speaking of loving it, I love open shelving in kitchens. Displaying everyday things is really charming. I really like these little baskets she has sitting on her shelves in there. She has little burlap chalkboard tags on them to label them as different catch-alls - something almost all of us need in our kitchens.
Well done!

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