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Friday, April 24, 2009

Finished Fabric Toys

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I finally found this fabric at a little store near me called The Cotton Shop. I was so happy to finally find it!! It makes these toys look and feel so cute! It did make sewing them a little harder because it was stretchy, though.
I'm selling them in {my etsy shop}.

Anyway, here's how I did it, in case anyone is interested:

For the ball, I did use the pattern from The Pearl Bee, but I only had three different colors, so I only wanted six pieces instead of eight, so I had to alter the pattern a little bit. I just made the largest sized pieces shorter and a little wider. It worked out great. I zigzagged the edges before sewing them all together and I found that zigzagging with the fuzzy side up made them not stretch during the process, and this helped them keep their shape better. It was really nice to have the instructions for sewing the ball. I think that made it a lot easier to do. Another thing I changed, though, was that I left a side seam open instead of a tip seam. I thought it would be easier to stitch up a side instead of trying to sew by hand so close to so many other seams, and it was. It turned out great, I think.

The cube was a bit more difficult. I cut little squares and sewed them all together the first time around, but when I tried stuffing it, it just looked like a ball with squares covering it because the fabric stretched so it was all rounded. I took it apart, and cut the pieces concave (I only remembered that word because that's what my engineer of a husband called them. :) ) so they were sagging toward the middle a little bit. Don't know if you can really see that shape in this picture:
or this one...
I thought this would allow for the stretching. I probably did it too much, though, because the block ended up looking a little concave no matter how much stuffing I put in it. I actually think it looks really cute, though. So, I'm leaving it as is. I didn't really use the pattern from Moda Bakeshop at all...except their picture: is what gave me the concave idea. The top cube kind of looks like that...
I didn't use the paper to sew it together though, and I think it still worked out just fine. For both shapes I used way more stuffing that I thought I'd need just to make sure they became the shape that was intended...

So, Restoration Hardware's Fabric Toys:

My fabric toys:

They look pretty good, huh?

I couldn't be more pleased! In fact, I'm making a smaller ball with the little bit of fabric I have left over. These are a little large for my little one to play with just yet. They honestly don't take as long to make as I thought they would, especially now that I've done it once.
The end.

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kami said...

good job i love them!

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