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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Design Consultations

I have always had a passion for both interior and exterior design. As a child, I used to draw floor plans of dream homes and furniture and proudly show them to my daddy who built homes! Playing house was more about setting up the house, the decorations, and the furniture than it was about actually playing... As I grew older, this passion grew as well. I didn't have a hard time deciding what I wanted to go to school for. I was thrilled to complete a bachelor's degree in Home and Family Living with an emphasis in Interior Design in April of 2008. I'm a stay at home mom right now, but I'd love to assist anyone who is interested in design expertise. I can easy assist you "virtually" by doing anything from answering simple questions, to revamping your entire space. Nothing excites me more than helping people improve the quality of their lives by improving the quality of their spaces. I always treat every design dilemma like it's my own and work hard to resolve all the issues, but I tailor the design to your taste and budget. If you'd like my assistance with a design-related issue, you can take a look at these different types of consultations I offer. My consultation prices are for one room/area only. Once I receive a notification of payment from Paypal, I'll contact you. I love this stuff, and I can't wait to work with you!! Please email me with any questions at brittanyvstaley@gmail.com.

1. Single Design Question - $5.00

This covers any question you may have that can be answered in about a paragraph. If you need advice on where to purchase something, how to hang something, which color to choose, how to use something, or just need an educated outside opinion on something, choose this option. Feel free to send me pictures if you feel the need. I'll answer your question within 1-2 days.

What color should my paint, curtains, bedding, etc. be?
How I should I hang this (fill in the blank)?
What am I missing in this space?

2. Written Consultation - $25.00

With this consultation, you will send me a couple of photographs of your design dilemma. I will type out a detailed description of what I would recommend. In my evaluation, I will include such things as color choices, resources, and the reasoning behind all of my suggestions. I'll get this back to you within a week after receiving your photos and questions.

3. Photo Consultation - $40.00

This consultation is for those seeking full design inspiration. For this consultation, you will send me photos of your dilemma, as well as a written explanation of what you are struggling with and wish to accomplish in the space. This consultation includes the creation of a floor plan if needed for furniture arrangement, and "photo drawings" for you, using the photos you send me. My goal is to create a design direction for you to be inspired by, so that you will feel confident about the way your space has the potential to look and feel. I will provide a detailed description of my suggestions, including any recommendations on installations, materials, resources and color choices, as well as any other information I feel is necessary to help carry out the design the way I portray it in the drawing. This will be completed within 1-2 weeks of receiving your photos and questions.

To View Examples of Rooms I've done,


Brittany-Where do I even begin?! First, I told you before that after the living room didn't turn out quite the way I'd hoped, my design self-esteem took a huge hit and I've been really afraid to do anything else. Your help gave me the biggest confidence boost I could ever have hoped for! The pictures you make and the floor plans you send are so incredibly helpful! I can't tell you how amazing it is to look at a picture of our room and be able to see how our design idea will actually look! It's incredible! It was SO wonderful to hear that I actually have done some good things and that I chose good paint colors. Also, I can't tell you enough how helpful it was for you to tell me not only WHAT were the issues, but WHY and HOW to fix them. I feel like I've been enlightened. :) Some of the things you brought up I already knew subconsciously were issues, I just didn't understand WHY. And I didn't know HOW to fix them. But hearing from you that my inner-designer was on the right track, that I did a lot of things well, that other things were almost there and just needed tweaking, and that it's not going to take a complete remodel to fix my living room gave me the biggest confidence boost ever. I can NEVER thank you enough for that!!! I am definitely printing off your email as a reference for when I decorate in the future. It is full of so much wonderful information and has already helped me understand so many of the little mistakes I made and how to correct them. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I feel like I'm back in control of my home and that I'm not terrificly far from having the room of my dreams. You're amazing! I always hoped (but never quite believed) my house could be as beautiful as what I see in magazines. And I'm thrilled that you've provided me an easy step-by-step process for turning my rooms in the rooms of my dreams. Thank you, thank you!

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