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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Girl Dollhouse

I have an American Girl doll from when I was little. I figured I'd let my little girl play with her someday. But, I always wanted a dollhouse for all the stuff to go in. {this} one caught my eye.

It's pretty cute, and I really like how they put in closet space to hang up all their clothes and a drawer to keep all that little stuff in.

I pictured it being more like this, though. This is a bookshelf from Potterybarn. I just imagined having a huge dollhouse up against the wall like that. With all the furniture and doll stuff sitting inside of it.

This one looks pretty easy to make, don't you think? I may have to do that someday...and add those closets and drawers somehow.

I just found this one at {Target} for $79.99:

Quite the bargain compared to Potterybarn's. And it got pretty good reviews. It's almost 42" tall. So it's a great size. Cute idea, even if it's not a dollhouse. I like it as a bookshelf, too.


Rachel said...

do you know where else I could find an american girl doll house?

Trinity said...

We have the target bookshelves & use them as a barbie house- just the right size. I am now looking for something that will work for American Girl- love the one posted but don't want to spring $1500 + painting for it! Am thinking about making my own using Ikea shelves and adding a roof. Ideas? Pamela

Brittany said...

So I guess the Target and Potterybarn shelves are too small?? I think it's a great idea to make your own. You could cover the outside in bead board to give it that siding look and cut shims in smaller pieces to look like shingles. Or just buy shingles. I'm thinking if you just get a normal (big enough) bookshelf with 3 shelves (so 4 horizontal pieces), you could cut the top down to make it look like the one pictured. Does that make sense? Good luck.

Jenny said...

Something like that would be great for my doll :P I know I'm almost 30 but my girl needs an awesome place to hang too xD

American Custom Dollhouses said...


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