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Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been wanting to incorporate airplanes into my little boy's room. Not too much...I don't want it to be too themey, but I wanted just a few because I think they're boyish and I think they're cute. There are a lot of little airplane things around, but almost everything I find has red in it. I just like baby blue and brown, as those are the colors in my room, so it's been difficult to find things to match. So, I've decided to make somethings. Here are my thoughts.
I found these little guys at Michaels and Walmart. The big one, I actually built. Crazy, huh. Don't be fooled, it was all cut out with instructions, and it was a dollar...and the other two were 50 cents. They're teeny tiny and they won't stand up to playing, but I just wanted them to be decorations anyways. I want to seal them - they say to do it with linseed oil, but at the craft store that was like $16 or something crazy. I wonder where else you can get it...

Then, I was looking online for some cute wall art for his nursery, and I found these ideas:

Put them together and what have you got?? Bibbity Bobbity Boo!
Cute little airplane wall art:
They were really inexpensive to make. I just got wooden frames and spray painted them white. Then I decoupaged paper to the wooden back (that usually goes behind the picture) and I decoupaged the airplanes to the paper. The little airplanes are 15 cent cheapies that I painted blue, and then I got a brown paint pen and drew in the outline. Easy Peasy. They turned out pretty cute, I think.
I think airplanes can follow him into his childhood and maybe teen years also. Unlike some of the stuffed animals and other cutsie nursery things. Maybe someday, his room will evolve into being more like this Potterybarn cutie:
We shall see.

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Jaclyn said...

oh I love your wall art! I think I'll make three with animals (like an elephant, a giraffe, and a monkey or something) to go along with Bree's Noah's Ark theme. So cute!

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