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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stripe Quilt

I was browsing Potterybarn Kids and I came across this cute Dr. Suess bedroom. What caught my attention was the quilt. It looks really easy to make. Just stripes of fabric sewn in a row.
I'm thinking they sewed all the stripes together, then lined it with the backing, then top stitched where the different colors meet, so they'd have tubes. Then they filled those tubes with batting and hemmed the edges...that's probably how they got that pillow effect where each stripe bulges a little. It's fun.
The rest of these quilts are a little bit different, in that they don't have the pillowed effect, but I wanted to remember the types of fabric they used in those bold stripes. They look really cute!
 I love airplane rooms for little boys! They're so cute.

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