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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rag Blanket

I don't know why I love this blanket so much, but there's a good chance it's just because that little girl is so cute! I love the bright colors - they totally remind me of summer time - and all the chic fabrics. I guess that's how it made it's way onto Chic Mommy Finds. I love her ideas. I wish she was still posting. I've seen many blankets like this, but I've never liked them as much as this one. Here's a boy version. For some reason the girl one just is so much cuter to me! But they're both really cute. I couldn't find Cowboys and Angels on Etsy...maybe it isn't there anymore. Future project: Make a rag blanket using "grown-up" fabrics and bright colors. Love it!


kami said...

oh that is SO cute. i love the fabric!!

Jacey said...

Nikki has made tons of quilts like these. Josh, Jen and I all have one. I have no idea how she does it but mine is a staple on my bed. If you want to see any let me know - acutally if you come on Saturday to Jen's shower I can show you mine if you want.

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