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Monday, February 9, 2009

Master Bedroom Bedding

I'm a Potterybarn junkie. I love looking at their room designs. Lately, I've been entertaining the idea of getting some nice bedding for our bedroom. I've tried several color schemes out, but I'm coming to realize that I like a crisp, clean feeling in my bedroom where there aren't many colors involved. Here are a few of my inspirations for what I'd like to do.

Here is a lovely I saw on Marley and Lockyer. It's really pretty, and has that light bedding but with dark walls. I like it. I think it would feel comfortable in both warm and cool weather.
I also love this episode of Divine Design. Candice Olson does a great job redesigning this huge bedroom. Of course, mine would never look like this, but I really like the overall feeling of the room.

This one is from HGTV Canada's show Pure Design and I really like the bed. I like the colors used and that duvet cover is awesome! I guess I like a lot of texture in bedding.
And this one is just lovely!!

Lately, I've been thinking of just making my own duvet cover and pillow shams. They're just rectangles, right? So, I'm off to the Home Fabric store to see if they have what I'm envisioning. To be continued...as almost all of these posts are. :)

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