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Monday, February 23, 2009

Laundry Room

Our laundry room is basically the back end of our garage walled in...cement floor, single pane windows, not much insulation...you get the picture. Even though it's a fairly good size for a house as small as mine, it's pretty yucky. Although I'm very grateful to have a laundry room, someday I hope it looks much more like this.
I LOVE front loader washers and dryers. For one thing, they wash your clothes better, for another they're more energy efficient = cost less to use, they also look so cute, don't you think? However, I like them most because, as shown in this picture, you can put a countertop above them! I totally want this someday. I love the idea of being able to fold laundry right there. I'd probably make the counter stretch a bit longer than this one does, actually I love the idea of having a counter go all the way around the room. I'd also put cubbie holes in the wall behind the counter with baskets in them for each person like my aunt does. Great idea! I also love how this room by Saucy Dragonfly has a hanging rod right there to hang wet clothes on. The painted wood paneling gives this room a beachy, summer feel - I love the soft yellow. It makes this laundry room seem like a place I would actually want to spend time in. Crazy! I love the sweetness of this laundry room. It's so cute!!
An island like this is also a great idea!!
And I'm loving how these laundry rooms have windows right above the washer and dryer. It just makes the space look so much more inviting. And those flowers add a lot too.

Why don't we make the room we spend so much time in as lovely as these!

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Dionne said...

I love the mudroom cabinet. We want to do something like that in our mudroom (when we build it). And I hope my sewing/laundry room looks like that too . . . SOMEDAY!

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