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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kitchen Windowseat

I'm loving the idea of having a windowseat in my kitchen. It just adds so much to the space! I love the way they look and I love the way they'd be used. It makes these kitchens look so much more cozy. This first image I saw on A Life's Design. I LOVE it! I love the curtains. I love all the white. I love the use of natural colors and fabrics.
And I love those little spice containors inside that armoir and the bookshelf full of cookbooks. I have a thing for cook books. Anyway, love the windowseat most of all.

This one is from Candice Olsen's Divine Design. It really is divine, isn't it?
A little modern for my taste, but I do LOVE that windowseat. It's so inviting!

{JUST IMAGINE} had this image. It just about takes my breat away. How cute is that bay window with a windowseat all the way around and a round table in the middle. And that view makes it that much more stunning. Ps - I love the flowers.

I found this one on {SIMPLY NATURAL}. Nice kitchen with...
...an awewsome window seat. And I LOVE that floor! So cozy looking.

This one from {RED RIVER INTERIORS}. I like the cafe cutains, and look at all the storage! It looks pretty easy to build, too.
Potterybarn had this window seat - it's the same feel but no built in...
just a bench. I like how the table uses the bench as seating, though.
And I saw this in Ballard Design.
Very pretty, with a table again.


dr smiley said...

awsum man

Anonymous said...

Oh my, those kitchen window seats are simply charming! I think it would be nice to have one as part of an informal dining seat just like the one from Potterybarn. But my fave is actually the one from Simply natural which I think is a good spot to relax and sip some wine in after a day in the kitchen.

Ashlee Starns

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