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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nursery Curtains

I bought my crib set from Target when it was on clearance so not all of the collection were there. I got an extra crib skirt and sheet to make a curtain out of and maybe some other things later. Since then, I've been trying to decide how I want my curtain to look. Here are some cute ideas I've found.
WeeBabyStuff.com had this idea from Scrapbooks Ect. I think the buttons are so cute! I want to do just a valance, and I found a pretty good tutorial, HERE except I'll do the straps and buttons instead of a gathered casing at the top.
Ehow knows everything I love that website! The fabrics I have are one that's brown with white pokadots and one that's blue stripes. I think I'm going to do the straps and a strip at the top out of the pokadots, have the stripes in the middle, and then to a strip of pokadots at the bottom. Or just the opposite. What to do...


Nancy said...

I am trying to find these buttons. Can you help me with where I might get them? Thank you.

Brittany said...

Nancy, I don't really know. I ended up using opaque white buttons that I found at Walmart for mine. After searching here are some ideas:

JoAnn's Large Pastel Buttons:

Etsy Listing of Pastel Buttons:

I found a lot of pastel buttons on Etsy, but none of them large. Sorry I'm not more help!

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