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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Dionne! I'm glad your enjoying this. I sure am! :) It's fun to get a request. I feel so professional! haha. Until I realize I'm just copying other ideas that are already out there. I'm sure you have many ideas because of what you're doing right now. You should share them, too!

I haven't really been focusing on bathrooms because our tiny house only has one and it's tiny, so we can't do much with it. However, someday I hope to be able to use these ideas:

I think the most important thing in a bathroom is light. I love a lot of natural light especially when I get ready in the morning. I think it makes bathrooms feel cleaner, too. This Potterybarn room caught my eye. It just looks like summer! Of course, it is by a pool. But I love the windows and the natural feeling of the room. I also like the towel idea - hooks are better than rods when you have a lot of towels to hang up.
I also love this idea from Potterybarn of a skylight above the bathroom sink. What a great way to get more natural light in. The only thing I would change is to have sconces on the walls next to the mirrors instead of above them. Then you have lighting coming from above and around you, so you don't look like you're covered in shadows as you look in the mirror. Just something I learned in my design classes...put sconces beside the mirrors. My Dad's master bathroom has some of the best lighting I've seen, but it doesn't have lights next to the mirrors. It has windows directly behind the mirrors pouring light into the room, though and with all the mirrors, it's reflected all around the room. And then they have recessed lighting shining down. I also LOVE the dark wood floor for a bathroom. You don't see that very often and I think it looks really nice and cozy.

Niches are a great idea for bathrooms, too. I like the one in the picture above, and this bathroom pictured on Better Homes and Gardens has some good niche ideas too. These are great because they don't take up any floor space but offer so much storage space! And they look pretty easy to add. Just demo a wall between two support beams and frame it out with shelves inside.
I love this Potterybarn (yes, again) idea for a kids bathroom. I love the shelves running all around the room. I think seashells are so cute, but I think you could also put family pictures and souveneirs on them. Little furniture pieces instead of built-in vanities make a bathroom look really quaint. I like these in this bathroom. One for each kid, maybe. :) Not very practial, but cute. There are some furniture pieces in bathrooms above as well. I think they make bathrooms look more cozy.

This ladder towel rack idea from The Beach Cottage is a good one. This one is a bit rustic for my taste, but I like the idea. I think you'd have to anchor it to the floor or wall though, just to be safe. It seems like it could store a lot of towels.
And this one from Plushpod.com is probably too modern for me, but something inbetween would work really well.
This is probably my favorite bathroom - thank you PB...yet again. I love the colors. This is probably how I'd want my master bath to feel...someday. :) I think bead board belongs in a bathroom. It looks so good! And topping it with a ledge like this is a really good idea. Great storage and decoration - just built in! I like two sinks and also love the idea of having two separate "his and hers" mirrors instead of one big one. The separate ones make a great architectural design statement - framed mirrors in general look better than just mirrors on the wall. You can make a mirror on the wall look great by framing it with molding. So cheap and easy.

Other than that, I love storing things in baskets and clear and chrome canisters. Keeps things organized and still looking good. I also love storage cabinets like these from PB.


Dionne said...

Brittany I love these bathrooms! Thank you for finding all of this:) It gets the ideas flowing, that's for sure. I'll keep you posted on what we do. You have great taste!

Sam and Carmin said...

Brittany, these design ideas are amazing. We plan to redo our bathroom in the (distant) future--and now I am excited to figure it all out! You have a real gift for design--keep it up.


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